It takes an independent, dedicated consulting company to provide you with the valuation and valuation-related advisory services that you require. American Appraisal provides that advantage.

Does leadership matter?
When American Appraisal began business it effectively created the valuation profession. Today, more than 110 years later we continue to lead our profession through chairmanship or significant participation in many of our profession’s governing bodies and associations.

Our commitment to leadership means that we provide the most informed, forward looking perspectives.

Does critical thinking make a difference?
Employees of American Appraisal have diverse education and professional expertise. Our colleagues comprise an international community of valuation consultants and advisory specialists whose daily interaction ensures continual refinement of their professional capabilities.

Although our consultants specialize in certain valuation services, American Appraisal is a broad-based firm because we value and provide advisory services relative to all classifications of tangible and intangible assets and practice our profession throughout the world. These fundamental realities eliminate the potential for over-specialization in a single aspect of valuation and/or advisory. More importantly, these same realities foster an atmosphere of critical thinking, ensuring we consider data from a variety of perspectives.

When you need to have clarity, accuracy, thoroughness and fairness on your side, you need American Appraisal’s critical thinking.

Is performance an issue?
The ability to appropriately serve your needs is attributable to our singular focus; the provision of valuation and valuation-related advisory services. That is also why we are an employee-owned company with nearly 50% of our employees participating in the firm’s ownership. At American Appraisal we aren’t just involved in performing valuations and providing valuation-related advisory services; we are unequivocally committed to the profession.

We invite you to discover the American Appraisal difference.