Our Difference

Market is abundant with companies offering services of property valuation. In an advertisement stream it is rather a complex task to choose an optimal solution for your needs.

American Appraisal applies to it’s activity the following principles differing us from other appraisal companies:

American Appraisal is the only company of its size that focuses exclusively on valuation and valuation-related advisory services. That independence guarantees our greater objectivity.

Strategically situated in Asia, Europe and North America our offices are staffed with our own consultants; employees dedicated exclusively to valuation and valuation-related advisory services. This means that we provide global reach together with local expertise.

Service Diversification
Many firms claim to offer valuations of tangible and intangible assets but, in practice rely on loose affiliations with subcontractors and/or the redeployment of staff better trained in other service offerings. In contrast, American Appraisal staffs engagements with employees; consultants who have been with us an average of 10 or more years.

Many practitioners offer valuation and valuation-related advisory services as adjunct to their principal service offering. Some of these companies are publicly traded. American Appraisal is employee-owned. Our shareholders are your consultants. We aren’t merely involved in valuation; we are totally committed to meeting your valuation and valuation-related advisory needs.

When you explore the realities you discover that American Appraisal is uniquely differentiated from any other company offering comparable services.