IT & Telecommunications

Few market segments are adapting to change as quickly and frequently as is the technology sector.

Whether your company is involved with computers, electronics, internet or telecommunications the probability is that you will be involved in a sale, merger or acquisition within the next few years. When facing those life-altering events, American Appraisal is your best choice for valuation and valuation-related advisory services.

During the past two decades American Appraisal’s tangible and intangible asset consultants have developed extensive technical and industry knowledge throughout the Technology sector. We have provided valuation counsel to international companies involved in some of history’s largest transactions. Similarly we have a wealth of experience assisting tomorrow’s market leaders the achievement of their growth objectives. We understand your business and have delivered a good outcome in the face of similar challenges.

With 850 employee-consultants situated in offices strategically located around the globe we are equipped to provide the expertise you require, when and where you need it.

We invite you to discover the American Appraisal difference.