Accounting for approximately 25% of the world’s total economic activity, the Manufacturing sector is integral to the global economy.

Notwithstanding functional and geographic diversity, most manufacturers are currently facing similar challenges. Increasing raw material, energy and labor costs are eroding operating margins, forcing segment participants to rethink their business strategies. In response, we are seeing increased restructuring within the sector, resulting in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

American Appraisal has been serving this market sector since we began business in the late 1890’s. In recognition of the capital intensive nature of your business, we have maintained the valuation profession’s largest staff of tangible assets appraisers. We understand manufacturing, the process and your challenges. Because we do, you will not have to fund our learning curve because we already understand your business and the environment within which you exist.

We do business where you do business. With employee-consultants situated in offices strategically located throughout the world we combine local knowledge with global expertise and experience.

We invite you to discover the American Appraisal difference.