Valuation is our business. Every day, in every major financial city throughout the world, American Appraisal’s consultants deliver valuations that are accurate, reliable and insightful. Our reports have withstood scrutiny of the world’s most discerning regulatory, judicial and taxing authorities and are recognized worldwide by leading financial institutions.

Our consultants distinguish themselves and lead our profession by: assuming senior positions within the organizations that are helping to re-define valuation; authoring articles published in national media, and by earning designations from the most relevant, internationally-recognized professional organizations.

When American Appraisal was founded in 1896 it was for the sole purpose of providing valuation and valuation-related services. Throughout our history we have operated as an independent valuation firm. By avoiding the real or perceived conflicts that accompany professional service offerings such as audit, brokerage, investment banking or securities rating, we eliminate real and/or perceived conflicts-of-interest. That ensures the independence that is essential in today’s business environment.

Our valuation services include:

We would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to resolve your valuation challenges.