Many valuation firms take a casual approach to your tangible assets. American Appraisal is different because our:

  • Consultants who specialize in personal property possess backgrounds in engineering, finance and accounting. Collectively, they comprise one of the world’s largest, most diverse and experienced teams of equipment valuation specialists;
  • Offices and consultants are strategically located around the world, ensuring we have the appropriate level of local knowledge and expertise, in order to best serve your local and international requirements;
  • Experience within most industry sectors enables us to value a diverse range of assets from routine items of personal property to highly specialized and/or unique equipment, and
  • Commitment to proven methodology, best practices, and leading edge technology guarantees delivery of sound results, appropriate for your business needs.

Whether your valuation is best developed using existing fixed asset accounting records or, a physical inspection and inventory of your assets is more appropriate, we have the right team of specialists to serve your needs.