Intangible Assets

American Appraisal offers you unparalleled experience in the valuation of intangible assets including copyrights, customer lists, goodwill, patents, research and development, software, trademarks and brands.

Back in 1896 when America Appraisal was founded, assets were predominantly tangible. A company owned land, buildings, machinery and equipment. Even 20 years ago, most publicly traded firms allocated 80 percent of their asset value to those same tangible assets.

Today’s knowledge-based economy has changed the balance sheet. Now, intangible assets account for 80 percent of the asset values of publicly traded companies. Senior executives are focusing on intellectual capital as the key to future success. Appropriate, supportable valuation of intellectual capital is becoming more and more important.

American Appraisal has built a global reputation for our expertise in valuing intangible assets. Sure, we still do valuations of bricks and mortar, machinery and equipment. But we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the changing needs of our Clients. After all, we have more than 110 years of experience in appraising tomorrow’s assets, today.