Insurance Valuation

The first engagement completed by American Appraisal involved the valuation of the Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Delivered in early 1896, the report assisted our Client in the negotiation of property insurance. Today, more than 112 years later, we are a world leader in Insurance Valuation Services.

You do not want to buy more insurance coverage than is necessary. You must provide your broker and insurer with data necessary for them to efficiently market and underwrite your property coverage. Our objective is to provide each party with complete and reliable information they require about presence and condition of the property subject to insurance.

Understanding the concepts of maximum foreseeable loss and concentration of risk enables us to make recommendations regarding those assets that must be inspected as well as those that can be valued through alternate methodologies. This approach is particularly advantageous when you own complex properties and/or your insurable assets are situated at numerous locations throughout the country or around the globe.

Insurance Valuations can be limited to buildings or, expanded to include building contents. In fact, we can provide you with an opinion of insurable value for any tangible asset. Because we employ the valuation profession’s largest staff of tangible assets valuation specialists we have the resources to assist you, regardless of the uniqueness of your insurable property.

We invite you to discuss your insurance valuation challenges with American Appraisal.