Research & Analysis

Success or failure of your real estate development project depends on market, financial and consumer variables. Lengthy time frames typically associated with construction leave you exposed to significant risks associated with changing intrinsic conditions.

You can minimize risk through comprehensive research and analysis of all material factors that could affect the success of your development project. American Appraisal provides property owners and investors with the strategic and technical advice to appropriately assess the feasibility of significant capital investment.

Our research and analysis services include:

  • Development of real estate portfolio investment and rationalization strategies
  • Investigation of site-specific planning and regulatory issues
  • Analysis of economic, demographic and market data to assess trends that could influence to project’s success
  • Costing advice
  • Cash flow and financial proforma analyses
  • Market supply, demand and competitive analysis
  • Assessment of marketing requirements and pre-leasing strategy
  • Creation of repositioning and expansion strategies for existing developments

American Appraisal real estate specialists will address critical parameters, interpret results and identify the most economically advantageous scenario for you.